Measuring Brand Performance – Proof of Concept Customers Wanted!!!

Incisive Marketing's Brand Performance service offers the Business Leaders of SME’s a strategic 360 degree insight into their Brand. This independent research can be conducted for the Company Brand or for specific Product or Service Brands within your business. The survey measures Customer (& Non-Customer) “scores” against Financial “scores” to establish a Brand Performance Index. 

  • Satisfaction (Reputation for non-customers)
  • Importance
  • Affinity (Loyalty, Propensity to Recommend)

  • Resonance (Messaging, Values)

The Financial “scores” is an analysis of the past 2 years and the current financial year’s performance. We assess the absolute figures but as importantly the trends by analysing revenue, gross profit, net profit, sales volumes, marketing expenditure, revenue per employee and other key performance indicators.

The final result is a Brand Performance Index which provides an insight into the Brand in the context of the overall market. There is also the ability to drill down into the detail to help define the Business Strategy and then translate this into plans for Marketing, Sales, Customer Service & Product Development. 

We are actively seeking a number of SME’s, ideally within 50 miles of Bristol, to work with us to develop the Brand Performance service into a web based product. We will undertake a full Brand Performance survey for your Business (or a specific Product Brand) and translate the findings into a strategic plan. If you’d like more information then please email (terms & conditions apply)